Treehouse Point
Frequently Asked Questions   Click on question to view answer
What are your rates?
For Rates and Availability, please send a BLANK email to:
Do you have a room available on…?
For a link to our Availability Calendar, please send a BLANK email to:
Can I come see the treehouses without spending the night?
Yes. You may make a reservation for a guided tour! To view the dates that we have available for tours and to buy tickets, visit our ticketing site: Click here.
Why do all of the weekends look booked?
Our weekends May-October are blocked for events and weddings until 60 days prior to the date. If you are interested in staying during one of those dates, please check back 60 days prior to the date you would like to reserve. If there is not an event planned, we will open booking to online reservations.
Do you allow children?
No. We are a retreat for relaxation, rejuvenation and reconnecting. Because of this, we ask that you do not bring any children under the age of 13 years for an overnight stay. We try to maintain a mature atmosphere, conducive to a romantic, adult getaway. We do, however, allow children to come visit for a tour.
Do you allow Pets?
No. We do not accept pets, including dogs. We follow ADA guidelines regarding Service Animals, and Emotional Support Animals do not qualify. You agree to notify us when making your reservation should you have a qualified-under-ADA-guidelines Service Animal.
Are you wheelchair accessible?
No. We are not wheelchair accessible for overnight stays or for tours. Due to our rustic, forest environment, we cannot accommodate wheelchair visits at this time. We do have hopes to have a wheelchair accessible treehouse completed on our property in the next couple of years. Stay tuned!
Do the treehouses have bathrooms?
No. The treehouses share private bathrooms on the ground level. Each bathroom is complete with a shower, toilet, sink and shower toiletries. Several treehouses have emergency use toilets. Please refer to the information packet (information instructions above) for which treehouses have emergency use toilets.
How should I pack for my stay?
Your treehouse comes equipped with heat, electricity, bottled water, an electric tea kettle, comfy bed with bed linens, towels, and an MP3 player/radio. Additionally, our bathrooms are fully stocked with shampoo, conditioner, body wash and a hair dryer. So, basically, pack what you'd normally take to a hotel.
Is there a restaurant onsite?
A homemade Continental Breakfast is included in your overnight stay, but we do not have a restaurant onsite. You are welcome to bring prepared snacks to keep in an ice-chest or make plans to visit one of the restaurants in the area. We do not allow cooking onsite.
Will Pete be there when I come to visit?
No, he most likely will not be. Because he is so busy jetting around the country, building and saving treehouses, he is something of a shooting star around TreeHouse Point.
Can you build me a treehouse?
No. TreeHouse Point is a Bed and Breakfast. But our sister company, Nelson Treehouse and Supply, covers:
  • The purchasing of Treehouse Parts and Plans
  • Consultation for having a treehouse built
  • The purchase of any merchandise
For more information, explore Nelson Treehouse and Supply's extensive website:
Nelson Treehouse and Supply If you are interested in being on the TV show Treehouse Masters on Animal Planet visit:
Can I come by and buy a souvenir?
No. While we do have souvenirs available for purchase for our guests, we suggest that you visit: