Our Story

Pete Nelson and his wife, Judy, had longed dreamed of opening a bed and breakfast that would fuse Pete’s passion for treehouses, Judy’s knack for hosting and cooking, and their shared love of nature.

When they came across four acres for sale near their home in the Snoqualmie Valley, the couple knew the time was ripe to bring their dream to life. Pete and Judy purchased the Fall City property in 2004 and conjoined it with the existing house in the adjacent lot (this house would become the Lodge at TreeHouse Point).

Shortly after buying the property, Pete and Judy decided to take a nighttime walk through its forest. As they were nearing the river, a beam of moonlight illuminated the trunk of a magnificent old-growth Sitka spruce. Pete felt he was being called to build a treehouse in that spruce–the next morning, he started drawing up plans for the Temple of the Blue Moon. Pete began building the Temple in 2005 and completed it in 2006.

Over the next seven years, Pete and his crew at our sister company, Nelson Treehouse and Supply, added five more treehouses to the property. Trillium opened in 2009, Upper Pond and Nest in 2010, and Bonbibi in 2012. In 2013, the construction of the Burl was highlighted in the season finale of the Animal Planet television show Treehouse Masters, which stars Pete and the Nelson Treehouse crew. In 2020 and early 2021, the Nelson Treehouse team has completed the construction of the final, and seventh, treehouse at TreeHouse Point. Ananda is beautifully crafted and wheelchair accessible.

All of Pete and Judy’s businesses are a true family affair. Their son Henry is a skilled carpenter who often travels with the rest of the crew on builds. Henry has a twin brother, Charlie, who is part of the Nelson Treehouse crew and happens to build boats and guitars in his free time.

Pete and Judy's daughter, Emily, helms operations for Nelson Treehouse and Supply and founded the online store Be in a Tree, where you can purchase treehouse plans, lifestyle goods, and specialized treehouse hardware. The family business also brought Emily her husband, Patrick–he's a lead carpenter on the treehouse construction team.

In partnership with restaurateur Laurel Waters, Pete and Judy recently opened their second retreat, Treehouse Utopia in Texas Hill Country. This luxury Texas retreat features four rentable treehouses along the emerald green Sabinal River, and is built for couples and solo stays. You can find out more about staying in Utopia’s trees at treehouseutopia.com.

The Woods Maine was made to celebrate a special part of Maine reserved for those willing to explore beyond traditional getaways. The treehouse brings together the best of rustic and refined. Designed by Pete Nelson and built by Nelson Treehouse & Supply, every detail has been thoughtfully selected to create a space you'll enter and never want to leave. Soak in fresh mountain air from your high-end home tucked in the trees. All this with private access to Lake Pennesseewassee and set on a privately owned 10 acres.

Treehouse Grove at Norton Creek Resorts in Gatlinburg, Tennessee is a mountain getaway where you can relax, recharge, reconnect with nature, and take in views more beautiful than you thought possible. Designed by Pete Nelson and built by Nelson Treehouse & Supply, Treehouse Grove is located on the doorstep of the Great Smoky Mountains National Park, with eight treehouses awaiting your arrival.

Thank you for Visiting TreeHouse Point! We strive to make you feel at home in the trees and to celebrate life, love, and nature.

To the trees!