TreeHouse Point
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The LoveBomb — price is $335* per night + tax
*prices are subject to change

Nestled amongst towering cedars, larger than life ferns and magical treehouses you'll find The LoveBomb, sitting pretty for your next adventure. This rig is a 1996 Army truck that voyaged through the mountains and found its way into the artistic hands of Nelson Treehouse. While it's not a rig up in the trees, it is still very much among them.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The LoveBomb is stationary and will not be permitted to be moved during your stay.

Like a vintage toy truck brought to life by the magic that is TreeHouse Point…it's ready for sleeping and dreaming and maybe even a little scheming as you scour maps of Washington and plan your escape to the mountains. And what better place to start than in a funky one of a kind adventure-mobile. The LoveBomb is perhaps one of the earliest vanlife vehicles out there. The truck conversion was fashioned after a Basque sheepherders cabin with its barrel roof, designed for lengthy stays in the rugged mountains. Now, before you grab your dusty boots and pack your favorite four wheeling outfit, this rig is just for sleeping, not for jeeping. But, it's been known to induce some really adventurous off-roadin' dreams that'll get your heart pumping just like the real thing. The cedar shingles on the exterior are a work of art, designed in the classic Nelson "swingle" way, with organic shapes and smooth waves that'll have you inspired, perhaps to go sit and watch the river roar just feet away.

The LoveBomb's interior walls are paneled with reclaimed Redwood, with Red Cedar ceilings and a Maple slab headboard that looks just like the outline of Mt. Rainier (Mother Nature made, Nelson found!). Craving a cup of joe? You can take off your shoes and slide in your socks all the way over to the Nepresso machine on the most gorgeous Fir floors. And you'll be sure to sleep cozy in a Queen Tuft and Needle bed.

PRO TIP: open the window and let the smell of cedar trees wish you goodnight while the river lulls you to sleep.

During your stay, you'll have access to the TreeHouse Point property, where the inspiration grows just as big as the trout in the pond (don't believe me? Come and see them for yourself!). Breakfast of champions, of course included. So what do you say? Wanna go sleep sleep in this big ol' beep beep?